About Us


The community of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), AWWAIndia is the first international office outside of North America. The community brings to India it’s vision for the preservation, management and distribution of clean water throughout India.

The AWWAIndia community based in Mumbai serves water and wastewater professionals throughout India. Membership in AWWAIndia provides professionals with access to the latest pertinent information from Indian water utilities, service providers, educators, and other members, as well as place you in the AWWAIndia community

AWWAIndia Vision

AWWAIndia was formed with an aim to promote public health, safety and welfare through safe drinking water and to improve the quality and quantity of water delivered to the citizens of India. With the formation of the AWWAIndia community, we aim to identify critical issues in the water industry and develop action plans to find solutions by:

  • Unite water professionals to advance public health and economic development
  • Educate the public on the problems of water supply and promoting a spirit of cooperation between consumers and suppliers in solving these problems
  • Conduct research to determine the causes of problems of providing safe and adequate water supply and proposing solutions thereto in an effort to improve the quality and quantity of the water supply provided to the public
  • Develop opportunities for the minds in water to gather and share technical information and best practices
  • Establish training and certification opportunities for water professionals at utilities, consulting firms, equipment manufacturers, service providers and government agencies