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Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. It has more than 50,000 members worldwide which include scientists, environmentalists, water utilities, regulators and other stakeholders in the area of water supply and public health.

AWWA works through education and training, conferences, creating awareness through communication, and local action among its sections spread throughout North America. Its Indian chapter hopes to bring a fresh perspective towards the preservation, management and distribution of clean water throughout the country; and to leverage its decades-old experience in water management to improve public health, protect the environment and strengthen the Indian economy. Click here for the AWWA.org home page

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Consensus-based minimum requirements for water industry products and services.

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Women’s History Month March 19

“Women’s History Month” March 19

Smart Water & Waste World

An exclusive coverage of AICE 18 in the November issue of “Smart Water & Waste World”

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The Open Channel column from the January 2019 issue of Journal AWWA is now available

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A Call to Action: How to Use $4 Billion for Source Water Protection

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With debate intensifying as if with the increasing heat, the Madras High Court accused the Tamil Nadu state government of inaction and a lack of proactive water management in Chennai’s present water supply crisis, noting the situation didn’t happen in a day, according to a 16 June article in The Guardian (https://bit.ly/2Zx7pdi). With the four reservoirs supplying most of Chennai’s drinking water has dried up, Chennai Metro Water was forced to cut the water it provides by about 40 percent, cutting supply to homes, schools, offices, and restaurants in a time of soaring temperatures.

Chennai Shortage Spurs Conservation Debate


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AWWA represented at international water leadership conference

Smart Water & Waste World recently covered an exclusive article on Jal Sabha-Municipal Water & Waste Water Summit, held on 19th-20th February 2019.

Special Address: Better India Through Better World

Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW) exclusively featured an article on AWWA AICE 18 on their website

AICE 18-The conference was attended by over 270 delegates, which was 25% more from last year, drawn from the government and industry.


An exclusive article from AWWA in the August issue of Express Water

Buried No Longer: Confronting the U.S. Water Infrastructure Challenge

AWWAIndia sponsored the
1st SCCP II Workshop on Water and Sanitation

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Shirish Kardile, Past Chair - AWWAIndia


AWWAIndia, through Water Wonderful, wants to create a shift in a child's behaviour towards water through continuous follow-up on activities over a period of time.

Water scarcity is a problem worldwide—but improved water-supply networks are starting to make a dent in the problem.

It’s important for water professionals to tell their customers that water is sometimes taken for granted and is worth our continued investment, Lennox said. Customers must also understand that utilities are working to keep water affordable through innovation, partnerships and strategic planning.
"When we think of utility workers, I think we tend to focus primarily on the technical folks. But there’s a ton of other work that goes into managing a successful utility, such as succession planning, customer analytics, communications, asset management, and finance."
Brenda Lennox, president-elect, American Water Works Association
This is an initiative of AWWAIndia to bring all stakeholders such as manufacturers, EPCs, consultants, utilities, research & academics, and the Government on a platform for consultative brainstorming.
The 49th Annual Convention of The Indian Water Works Association on Smart Water Management.
With the theme as ‘Smart Water Management’ the convention focused on topics like wastewater treatment, water reclamation and reuse, water & health and Improved sanitation options among others.

This was another event as a part of our strategic vision for India, where AWWAIndia supports initiatives that bring together important Stakeholders from across the spectrum of the water sector.
The event focused on water and wastewater management and featured eminent speakers from educational institutes, utilities and corporates who shared their common vision of setting standards to provide portable water to all strata of society.
AWWAIndia participated as a supporting association at this IWWA conference.
AWWAIndia too participated at Corcon16 and showcased advantages of an AWWAIndia membership.
Visitors and exhibitors alike, were interested in knowing about benefits of an AWWAIndia membership and took advantage of the 90-day trial membership on offer.
This was a part of AWWAIndia’s strategic engagement initiative with Aqua World as a supporting association.