Preparing a system to operate sustainably allows utilities to optimize processes in terms of environmental impact, social aspects, as well as economics.  The following resources provide guidance for utilities in implementing sustainable principles across these three dimensions

WORKSHOP IN A BOX: Sustainable Management of Rural and Small Systems Workshops

The aim of the Workshop in a Box is to support rural and small water and wastewater utilities in their common mission to become more successful and resilient service providers. By making improvements in any of the ten key management areas through methods outlined in the Workshop in a Box systems will be able to deliver increasingly efficient, higher quality services. ...Read More

Roadmap to Sustainable Practices Utilities

The utility maintains a positive public image,cultivates an understanding of its operations and the value of its services with the community, is able to identify risks to high-consequence assets and plan for emergencies, and is capable of receiving and responding to customer and community concerns and complaints in a timely manner. ..Read More

Sustainability and LEAN Resource Guide

A resource guide which explains how water-sector utilities can use these two important and complementary approaches to reduce waste throughout their operations, while continuing to improve utility products and services for customers. ...Read More

Planning for Sustainability Handbook

Sustainable water infrastructure is critical to providing the American public with clean and safe water and to help ensure the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of the communities that water utilities serve. For the past several years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), working with states and utilities, has been undertaking a number of programs to help ensure the longterm sustainability of water infrastructure. ...Read More