Water Conservation


The Water Conservation Resource Community is intended to keep the water industry informed about current resources, tools, issues and developments related to water conservation.

Consumer Education Is Key to Effective Conservation

Trillions of gallons of water are wasted each year, despite the best efforts of water utilities to efficiently use water resources. There are numerous opportunities for utilities to educate their customers about ways to optimize consumption and reduce waste. ...Read More

Diverse Measures Ensure Conservation Success

Several US cities are turning to brackish groundwater and municipal wastewater to supplement their dwindling drinking water supplies. Desalination is a reliable technique for producing potable water but can be limited by a lack of suitable concentrate-disposal options and land area. ...Read More

Save Energy by Refurbishing and Coating Pumps

Monroe County Water Authority (N.Y.) discovered that coating pumps prevents or at least impedes a decline in pump performance and corresponding increase in energy consumption from internal corrosion and tuberculation buildup. ...Read More

Zero Liquid Discharge Project Extends Potable Water Supplies

Diminishing potable water supplies, increasing regulatory restraints, and conservation initiatives have prompted utilities to evaluate and implement the use of alternative water supply sources. One Florida utility implemented a concentrate zero liquid discharge process to achieve water recovery through concentrate treatment. ...Read More

Utilities Model Innovative Conservation Measures

Many US water utilities are under intense pressure to reduce consumption. In addition, droughts and ression have caused revenues to decline and conventional funding pathways to become more challenging. Now there are even more reasons to ensure planned water-use reductions are cost effective. ...Read More

Leverage AMI for Sustainability

Leak-detection technology allows utilities to focus on conservation, create a sustainable future, and improve customer service. ...Read More