Wastewater Management


The Asset Management Resource Community is intended to keep the water industry informed about current resources, tools, issues and developments related to asset management.


Droughts have accelerated a drive toward more sustainable water sources, including highly treated wastewater as a source for drinking water. Communities across the southwestern United States are using direct potable reuse to lessen their reliance on dwindling water supplies. ...Read More

Enhancing Water Recovery Sustainably

Several US cities are turning to brackish groundwater and municipal wastewater to supplement their dwindling drinking water supplies. Desalination is a reliable technique for producing potable water but can be limited by a lack of suitable concentrate-disposal options and land area. ...Read More


Flooding is an ongoing hazard for water utilities and populations. Successful flood mitigation strategies can prevent the worst effects of these events on water and wastewater systems. ...Read More

Emering Contaminants - Insight To The Most Effective EDC And PPPC Treatment Strategies

Endocrine disruptor, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products affect most portable surface water supplies. Water utilities can reduce these compounds in drinking water by understanding upstream wastewater treatment processes. ...Read More

How Can Operators Use GIS to Enhance a Utility’s Asset Management Program?

Although water and wastewater treatment vessels are engineered to be foolproof, eventual leakage from these vessels caused by mechanical or chemical influences can pose serious threats to the health and safety of the workers, the public, and the environment they are intended to protect. ...Read More

Making Wastewater Systems Smarter

The US wastewater infrastructure is aging. One solution—using smart water networks to optimize system performance—is helping utility operators become more proactive in sewer collection-system management and control. ...Read More