Asset Management


The Asset Management Resource Community is intended to keep the water industry informed about current resources, tools, issues and developments related to asset management.

Asset Management Contributes to Optimizing or Distribution System

The asset management planning process lets a water utility derive maximum value from its physical assets. Regardless of its size, a utility can reap huge benefits from a omprehensive asset management program. ...Read More

Sustain Distribution System Integrity With Pipeline, Installation, Replacement, or Rehabilitation

Pipeline installation, rehabilitation, and replacement practices can affect a distribution system’s physical integrity and a water utility’s ability to maintain optimized performance. Applying appropriate pipeline assessment and planning practices will help utilities maintain performance and condition of this significant system asset. ...Read More

Manage Filter Assets for Media Performance and Capital Planning

Filters are a water treatment plant’s last barrier for particulate and microbial contamination. Filter asset management can maximize filter service life, maintain optimal performance, and allow proactive budgeting. ...Read More

Can a Small System Develop an Effective Asset Management Program?

One thing all water and wastewater utilities need, regardless of size or location, is an effective asset management program. Information in this column highlights asset management program benefits and will help small systems start or refine a program. ...Read More

How Can Operators Use GIS to Enhance a Utility’s Asset Management Program?

Utilities are putting geographic information system (GIS) information to use in many ways, particularly to enhance an asset management plan. Although operators may not have an opportunity to work with GIS directly, their role in the GIS process is critical, and it contributes to having a successful asset management program. ...Read More