Who Can Enroll for an AWWAIndia Membership

AWWA offers an opportunity to all Indian residents to associate with us, whether in an individual or organizational capacity. Experts in the field of water management, such as scientists, engineers, public health professionals and consultants, can share their wealth of experience as well as gain from insights acquired by us over a long time. Operations and administrative personnel and students related to the water discipline can benefit from our ground-level experience and extensive exposure to different environments, and a variety of problems and issues tackled and solved by us time and again.

Environmentalists, nature lovers and enthusiasts can attend our conferences and workshops and become more informed and active crusaders in the preservation and management of the most precious natural resource available to mankind. Above all, all our Indian members shall be connected to each other and their international counterparts through our platform, create synergies and bring their unique domain experience to enhance the quality of our lives.

Step 1: Choose Your Membership

AWWA offers individual membership and organizational membership options. Select the category below that best fits your job function or organization's needs.

Individual Membership: As a water utility employee, municipal official, public health professional, engineer, scientist, educator, consultant, or other professional interested or serving in the field of water supply, you may join as an Individual Member. Read more

Utility Membership: A small to large water and/or wastewater system, water supply, wholesale or contract operations firm headquartered in India may join as a Utility Member. Read more

Corporate Membership: This membership type is intended for companies headquartered in India, including manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, consultants, governmental agencies, engineering firms, and academic institutions. Read more

Student Membership: This membership type is intended for those who are aiming to build a career in the water sector as a Water Quality Specialist, Ecologist, Public Health Professional, Environmental Engineer, Laboratory Scientist, Government Regulator, Engineering Educator and Water Sector Professional.Learn more

Step 2: Apply

  • Click on the link below to download the respective form for the type of membership you have chosen.


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4,250 INR/ $65 US


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85,535 INR/ $1,308 US


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85,535 INR/ $1,308 US


Download Form

1,300 INR/ $20 US

  • Please fill in the correct information and complete all required fields.
  • Courier the completed application form to us along with a cheque or demand draft for the requisite amount of membership fee to:

American Water Works Association India,
404, Wing B, Citi Point, J. B. Nagar,
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East)
Mumbai – 400059
Phone: +91-22-6127-3639