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AWWAIndia offers individual and organizational membership options. Select the category below that best fits your membership criteria.


The Individual Membership is meant for any professional, environmentalist, administrator,scientist, educator, consultant or any other person interested in, or related to water management. Learn More


The Utility Membership is meant for small to large water suppliers, or water/wastewater utilities firm. The benefits include all those of the individual membership, plus additional ones. Learn More


The Corporate Membership is for Indian manufacturers and their representatives, governmental agencies, engineering or consultant firms and educational institutions. The benefits include all those in the individual membership, plus additional ones. Learn More


A student membership is meant for those who are aiming to build a career in the water sector as a Water Quality Specialist, Ecologist, Public Health Professional, Environmental Engineer, Laboratory Scientist, Government Regulator, Engineering Educator and Water Sector Professional.Learn More



What membership option is right for you? The four basic categories of membership each offer advantages geared toward professional growth, the acquisition of new skills, exposure to the water industry and enhanced technical knowledge.



There are many ways to help AWWA advance its mission — volunteering to serve on committees, contributing articles to AWWA publications, making presentations at our conferences and participating in the community conversation.
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